Letter from the Principal

Brandon Wojcik

Stay Focused and Keep Moving Forward

Almost a year ago, I wrote an article in The Perspective (May 2018) about middle school students and how important and developmentally essential to success those years are.  I went on to talk about how we as a middle school team were visiting schools and looking at research to make sure our middle school is everything it needs to be.  We made some positive changes this year as a way to work towards a mental separation of middle and high school.  Through the efforts of our middle school team and Shared Decision-Making Committee, we are chest deep, working towards the next phase of our plan, which includes a geographical 

By geographical, I’m not talking about relocating 7th and 8th graders to another county, but a simple change of location within the building for these young students where they are never far from the guidance of one of their teachers and their interactions with our older population is limited and easily monitored.  This change comes with a few heavier lifts from our teaching staff, including relocating some classrooms, identifying middle school teachers, finding a common planning time for these teachers to discuss students, and assigning a middle school counselor.  The size of our school makes accommodating this new paradigm even more challenging.   We have been working in guidance on innovating our scheduling procedure and on reorganizing in a way that works for all of our students.

Change is a necessary part of life; it fosters resilience but is often met with resistance and anxiety.  These reactions are normal. It’s human nature to crave stability and avoid risk.  It’s most definitely the easier of the two roads.  But without change, nothing happens, we would never know what could be or what could have been.  I have learned over the years to embrace change, not for the sake of it alone or fear of stagnation, but in the hope of achieving something absolutely amazing and great for kids.  I’m truly grateful for the teachers, parents and students who worked to provide input to help move this initiative forward.

 As always, I encourage you to give feedback on this article and our school. I want to know what we can do better and your input is important to us. You can call me at school at 337-0101 or email me at bwojcik@northcollinscsd.org.


Brandon F. Wojcik
Jr-Sr High School Principal

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